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Stephen Bodden

My husband and I have enjoyed this home buying experience from the beginning. My agent Stephen Bodden provided unrelenting professionalism throughout the entire experience. Great care was taken by the entire team to achieve the exact house that we wanted. Thank you again to Godwyn Realty. Also, a very special thank you to Stephen Bodden for the tremendous quality you provided to us.

Sheny Barrios

Stephen was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and raised in La Ceiba, Honduras, where he married the love of his life. Upon welcoming their first daughter, Stephen moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, and is a devoted father to two beautiful girls. Since a very young age, Stephen has proven to have valuable skills including being detail-oriented, disciplined, proactive, a great communicator, and a very successful negotiator. He has also always had a heart of service and enjoys helping others. Whether on a personal level or business level, there have been many whom have placed their trust in Stephen to achieve their goals. He has always been dedicated and faithful with the tasks before him and has always committed to doing his job with excellence. Those who know him will tell you that he is fun to be around, a great listener and the person you need on your team whether you're aiming towards buying or selling a home.

Outside of real estate, Stephen enjoys being a present husband and father, a good barbecue, and awesome fellowship. Stephen is also fluent in English and Spanish. 

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